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climbing in Slovenia

We offer a climbing course for beginners or advance climbers. In the climbing course you will learn basics of climbing and abseiling. We will instruct you in using necessary climbing equipment for free climbing and you will learn how to make an 8-knot. Climbing course is of special importance prior to advanced canyoning trips.

Equipment included in offer:
all climbing equipment

Personal equipment:
shorts, T-shirt

price: 25 EUR

on-line reservation

trekking & hiking in slovenia
hiking in Slovenian Alps

Slovenia has more than half of area covered with forest and numerous national parks. You can enjoy in Alps, where you will feel the fresh breath or you can go to coast to sense a Mediterranean air. On the east you can hike towards the end of Alps with beginning of Panonian lowland or go to southern hills where perfect vineyards conditions are and you can visit wine cellar on the wine route.

Please feel free to contact us to choose a right route for you.

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  horse riding
horse riding in Slovenia

Exploring surrounding of Ljubljana with horse and spend a couple of hours with friends in nature it may be very relaxant. You are welcome to try our beginner course as well and start using natural horse power.

Equipment included in offer:
instructor, equipment for horse riding

Personal equipment:
trousers, T-shirt, shoes

price: from 16 EUR

on-line reservation


  Krizna Caves
exploring Krizna Caves

Krizna Jama (Krizna Caves) is one of the best known Karst caves in the world. It is particularly renowned for its chain of twenty two underground lakes of crystal clear water, separated by calcite (calcium carbonate) barriers. The most beautiful part of the caves includes the lakes and stream passages which are accessible only by boat.
The most famous symbol of Krizna Jama is Kalvarija. In this chamber there is a huge mound of collapsed material, covered with astonishing display of stalactites and stalagmites.

price: 45 EUR

on-line reservation


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