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  Mysterious Karst
Postojna Cave

It is ''the fault'' of limestone and water that the Karst has two faces - one above and one under its surface. At the surface they create karst sinkholes, karren, springs, karst windows and fields (Planinsko, Cerkniško polje), and under the surface there are numerous potholes and karst caves - it is said that the Slovene Karst is the most beautiful part of our planet's underground world. In Slovenia there are more than one thousand karst caves and potholes, 20 treasures of limestone masterpieces by disappearing karst waters are opened for tourists. The most frequented are the Postojna Cave, the Škocjan Caves, Pivka and Črna jama Cave, Križna jama Cave, Vilenica etc.

The most famous and frequently visited is the Postojna Cave, first mentioned in 1213. With more than 26 million visitors so far it has been the most visited cave in Europe.
There are about five kilometres of regulated passages out of a total of 21 kilometres. Visitors are taken for a tour of the cave which is full of shining stalagmites and stalactities of different colours and shapes and little lakes with clear water by a special electric train. The main attraction of the Cave is the human fish, proteus anguinus. The human fish is up to 30 centimetres long troglodyctic amphibian which has no eyes and no protective pigment either, so its colour of skin is similar to that of the white human.

Beside Postojna Caves the most famous are the Škocjan Caves, situated at the heart of the Škocjan Regional Park. In 1986 they were included in UNESCO's list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites because of their immense importance to the world's natural heritage. Škocjan Caves possess an extremely widespread system of cave passages which are 5.8 kilometers long and were created by the Reka River. "Cerkvenikov most" (a natural Bridge), is the most famous part of the cave. The bridge ascents 50 metres above the Reka in one of the largest underground caves in Europe. There are also fascinating flora and fauna in the caves.
There are no limits to the attractions of the Slovene Karst. You may not have known that the noble Lipizzaner horses originated in Slovenia. The birthplace of Lipizzaners is Lipica where the Stud Farm has been developing them for more than four centuries. Today it is a tourist recreational centre with its Riding School and it is known as an international centre of sports riding events. Visitors can go horseback riding, watch the performances of the Classical Riding School, ride in a carriage, enjoy the golf course or try their luck in the casino.

Villages with stony houses where excellent wines, especially the red Teran are served and where pršut is cured in the bora wind are the Slovene Karst. Štanjel, for example is considered a fascinating urban monument which boasts a terraced scheme of a medieval settlement.

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