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Ljubljana with about 276,000 inhabitants, is considered a city which suits everyone from its inhabitants to its numerous visitors as well. Despite the fact that it ranks among the middle sized European cities, it maintains the friendliness of a small town, and at the same time possesses all the characteristics of a metropolis.

Here, at the meeting point of the cultures of the east and the west, the old interlaces in harmony with the new. In Ljubljana the remainders of all the five milleniums of its history are preserved, among these is the legacy of the Roman townof Emona and the Old Town with its medieval castle, Reneissance and Baroque facades, ornamented portals and uneven roofs. The mosaic is complemented with the bridges over the Ljubljanica River and the vast Tivoli Park which stretches into the very centre of the city.

The present image of Ljubljana is generated mainly by the Italian Baroque, and partly by two hundred year earlier Secession period, which is reflected in the style of numerous buildings errected immediately after the eartquake in 1895.
In the first half of the 20th century the famous architect Jože Plecnik placed a strong personal stamp on his native city while also taking European standards into consideration. The city's image was later shaped by his disciples, who were a little more liberal than him, and the Art Nouveau creations of other renowned young Slovene architects.

Ljubljana is a city of culture, home of many theatres, museums and galleries and it also boasts one of the oldest philharmonic academy in the world. More then 10,000 cultural events take place in the Slovene capital - top quality musical, theatre and fine arts performers as well as alternative and avant-garde performers - which can be discovered in 14 international festivals. In the warmer months of the year numerous cafes and restaurants move outdoors, to the banks of the Ljubljanica and the squares of the city centre. Here the people of Ljubljana meet for a morning coffee after our Saturday visit to the market or our Saturday visit to the flea market or for an evening chat with friends. The first impression of Ljubljana obtained by the visitor is that it is an exceptionally young city, because here there are more than 50,000 students giving it a special pulse of youth.
Many scientists come to Ljubljana because of its University and institutes with international reputations.
Famous artists from all over the world visit it because of its creative spirit, economists because of numerous business meetings and fairs and international experts because of conferences - to sum up: Ljublana is a city where people often travel on business or they come again due to pleasant memories of their previous visit.
Due to its geographical position, Ljubljana also represents an ideal starting point to discover the amazingly diverse features and beauty of Slovenia.
The Ljubljana Tourist Board and its Tourist Information Office stand at your disposal for information regarding accommodation, sightseeing tours and conference facilities in the city and will gladly provide you with general promotional brochures as well as with the travel agents' manual.

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