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Carnica have different terms and conditions for different packages please make sure that you study the appropriate terms and conditions (any questions? please contact us).
All Packages Are Subject To Availability

(These apply to all Carnica packages based in Slovenia)

A. WHY? Because we need to know what we can properly expect of you and you need to know what you can properly expect of us.

B. WHO? In these conditions: We and us means Drustvo za turizem in prosti cas - Carnica, Jernejeva 12, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia. You means the person who has signed the attached registration/booking form and each and every member of the group on whose behalf that person has signed the registration/booking form. If the booking form is signed on behalf of a limited company and that is clear on the registration/booking form, "you" means that company. It is understood that those registration/booking by telephone or via the internet accept Carnica's Terms & Conditions, without having signed the registration/booking form.

C. WHAT? We organise social and adventurous events of many different kinds. In these conditions "event" means any such event.

D. WHAT DO YOU AGREE TO DO? 1) To behave at all times in a safe and courteous manner. 2) To obey the proper instructions of any supervisor or activity leader. 3) To dress and equip yourself suitably for any event when we indicate prior to the event that special clothing or equipment is to be provided by you. 4) To use safety equipment as instructed and not tamper with or abuse it. 5) To compensate us or our contractors for any damage caused by you in the course of an event.

E. HOW DO WE DEAL WITH RISK? We organise a wide variety of events. Some of them involve a degree of risk to you of physical injury or damage to property. This is what makes these events exciting! We do not exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our employees but we do not accept liability for the negligence of any other persons. We do all we reasonably can to reduce the risk to you. If we have done that and are not negligent, you will take responsibility for any risks involved in participation in any event. In order to reduce risk and provide cover if injury occurs, the following conditions will apply -

1) We reserve the right to withdraw you from an event if you do not honour your obligations under Clause D of these conditions or if, in our opinion, you are not sufficiently fit to participate in any event or if you are under eighteen. You must let us know of any existing medical condition which may affect your ability to participate fully in an event.

2) We want to arrange accident cover for you when you attend an event (see below). We think this is important. If you do not want such cover, you must indicate this on the booking form. If you decline the cover which we have arranged, we are entitled to assume that either you have arranged your own cover or you are prepared to take the risk of being uninsured. Insurance cover will be subject to the policy conditions and any exemptions or excesses mentioned in the policy.

3) Occasionally, we or our suppliers may (because of the risky nature of an event) require you to sign a disclaimer releasing us or them from liability for loss suffered in the course of an event. We will not be liable for any loss you may suffer if you fail to sign such disclaimer, whether such loss occurs under this agreement or otherwise.

F. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU WANT TO CANCEL? Cancellation costs us money and there needs to be an agreed cancellation policy. We and you agree the following:

1) Any cancellation must be in writing signed by the Group Contact shown on the booking form.

2) Depending on the date of cancellation, you must pay the following cancellation charge: Date of Cancellation:
More than 4 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place 25% of the total Package Cost Between 4 and 2 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place 50% of the total Package Cost Less than 2 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place The whole of the total Package Cost
If you wish to cancel on behalf of only some members of the group then the cancellation charges outlined above will apply pro rata but we may become entitled to cancel the event (see below).

3) If you wish to cancel on behalf of only some members of the group then the cancellation charges outlined above will apply pro rata but we may become entitled to cancel the event (see below).

G. WHAT IF WE CANCEL? 1) In most cases neither we nor you are entitled to cancel because of adverse weather conditions. For some events if the safety risks are, in our discretion, unacceptable, we reserve the right to cancel the event. If we do cancel in such circumstances, we will make every effort to reschedule the event for another date. We will not be obliged to give any refund if we cancel an event because of adverse weather conditions. This will also apply to any rescheduled event. 2) Unless we cancel in the circumstances described above, we will only cancel if: a) For reasons beyond our control, we cannot organise the event or the proposed venue for the event is unavailable. b) You or we become insolvent or in the case of an individual you become subject to a bankruptcy petition. c) We believe that the booking, any of those associated with it, or the purpose of the booking might damage our reputation. d) We decide that any reduction in numbers from the original booking makes the event uneconomical or impractical. e) Unless we cancel because of safety risks associated with the weather (when we will reschedule) or because of a reduction in numbers (when a cancellation charge may apply), if we cancel we will refund all advance payments made by you and we will not have any further liability to you.

H. WHAT ABOUT MONEY? 1) A deposit of 30% of the total booking value is payable when you confirm your booking. 2) The remainder of the total booking value is payable no later than four weeks before the scheduled event.

AGREEMENT We think that the above terms and conditions are fair. They are governed by the law of Slovenia. Now that you have read them, please sign and return the Booking Form so that we know you have understood and agreed to our booking conditions. If you wish to book via telephone or via the internet (including e-mails) it is understood that you have read and accept our Terms and Conditions.


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